At once childlike and an age-old sage, Devarshi shares his wisdom by direct transmission. By embodying the yoga he loves, by sharing intimate life anecdotes of these principles in action, by enthusiastically opening his heart to share authentic emotion, he lives a clear window of inquiry in action. I felt seen, understood, and fully welcomed in our yoga training. The nuts & bolts info was precise, clear, and direct; the soul-download was lush, fun, and unforgettable.  By pointing me back to the guru within, he restored my faith in the safety and benefit of sangha.

- Lyndsey Scott

I feel so blessed to be sharing in, and a part of, the A Course In Miracles Study Group. It has facilitated some huge shifts for me, and I am so grateful. I wanted to say to you how much I appreciate your presence and sharing. Your willingness to be so open and vulnerable, keeps The Course real for me.  Your courage and forthright manner are truly inspiring. You have opened a huge door for me.

- Jake Strachan

Devarshi is a triple threat. Not only does he have a deep knowledge of yogic philosophy and a brilliant understanding of yoga positions, Devarshi teaches with a creativity, humor and passion that far exceeds your favorite high school teacher!

- Stuart Landers

Devarshi takes yoga seriously; himself, not so much. Although he brings years of hard-won wisdom and deep study both to his mat and to his students, he does so with a light touch, embodying a pure joy of being and a great delight in practice that is profoundly inspiring. Devarshi doesn't just teach yoga, he models unconditional love, which is surely the greatest teaching of all.

- Katrina Kenison

Devarshi was my lead instructor for my 200-hour YTT and for the Transformational Teaching module in my 500-hour. There is no one better. He attends to every detail to ensure each student's success in their studies. Materials, demonstrations, assignments and feedback are aligned to maximize student engagement and experience with Kripalu yoga. As a co-teacher, he works collaboratively to intertwine story telling and humor to spotlight the skills and talents of his partner. In my professional life, I worked for almost 40 years as a teacher and professional developer. The standard of excellence established by Devarshi as Dean of Kripalu's School of Yoga and for his own teaching must be experienced to be believed. It is without peer.

- Barbara Zelley

Devarshi is an unflaggingly generous, open-hearted presence who may boot you out of your comfort zone and change your life forever. Don't miss him.

- Maria Schulman

Devarshi Steven Hartman was my first teacher when I arrived at Kripalu Center as an aspiring yoga instructor.  His guidance was clear, real, and deeply compassionate and his willingness to share from his own wisdom and experience made a tremendous difference to me in my path as a yoga teacher.  Though I began my studies in a time of great uncertainty and transition, I became within a span of just two years a full-time teacher, the owner of a thriving Kripalu Affiliate Studio, and a dedicated and joyful practitioner in the rich tradition of Kripalu Yoga. Thank you!

- Kate Pousont

Devarshi’s patient, kind, gentle instruction over the course of my month-long yoga teacher training allowed me to find deeper, truer meaning in my life. I came to Kripalu thinking that yoga was asana, and I left knowing that yoga is life. Devarshi taught me how to use my yoga to breathe life into my daily activities, and he gently reminded me each day to live in the moment and be present in the now. His instruction on yoga philosophy changed my perspective on the meaning of life, and it brought more meaning to everything that I do. I feel more connected to others and to the universe. I also feel more alive, vibrant, and healthy than ever. In many ways, my time at Kripalu has been a rebirth, and I am grateful for the examples set by my teachers there.

-Erin Gilrein

Devarshi takes yoga seriously; himself, not so much. Although he brings years of hard-won wisdom and deep study both to his mat and to his students, he does so with a light touch, embodying a pure joy of being and a great delight in practice that is profoundly inspiring. Devarshi doesn't just teach yoga, he models unconditional love, which is surely the greatest teaching of all.

- Katrina Kenison

Devarshi is such a fun, inspiring speaker about the Gita, of which I had never heard of prior to the Kripalu yoga teachers training.  I bought his Gita audio series and have been listening to it ever since, quoting him to anyone who will listen, and constantly thinking about his way of making it seem real, exciting, accessible, relevant, and personal. Also the Partner Yoga class he led during YTT was really fun!  I feel very lucky to have had such an amazing transformational experience at the Kripalu teachers training with Devarshi.  The openness of the other students and the safe environment created by him and all the staff were the best. 

- Polina Reisman

Devarshi and his yoga are the embodiment of love, kindness, compassion and humor. He is inspirational, intelligent, charming and fun. On or off the yoga mat, Devarshi is a master teacher and unforgettable spirit whose joie de vivre is infinite and contagious.

- Laurie Knab Valenti

"Just like a big brother who's there when needed.”  I'm still teaching weekly ever since September 2011. Loving it! Constantly seeking to strike a balance in this quest: balance between holding and releasing and also between movement and stillness. All that while having fun!   

- Nic Andreiu

Devarshi is a strong and inspirational force, he leads teacher training classes in a direct and engaged way, bringing humor and real-life to all aspects of yoga and teaching. He has a great deal of personal experience of practicing and leading yoga, which provides a deep pool of knowledge that he happily shares with his students. '

- Temple Schauble

Devarshi, Words cannot express the way you have guided me on my journey. Doing the Transformational Mod with you was a huge blessing for my life. Not only did I overcome physical hurdles of learning new asana, but I overcame the biggest spiritual hurdle of all. You, my great teacher, taught me to not be afraid, and to embrace death. I now am comfortable with the thought of death and the tragic loss of my grandfather. It has given me so much peace in my life to not fear death anymore. You also gave me incredible insight, knowledge, and advice for this path of yoga. I have a journal from the Mod with pages of awesome inspirations you gifted to us. Thank you so much for lifting me up with love.

- Jyoti Erica Nicole


I am very very amazed at whatever it was I did in my past lives to get this man as my Yoga Teacher!!!! Your words, and the Bhagavad Gita Lectures, have had a very profound effect on my life, and my family, and my students. There are no words to thank you from my heart for living your Truth, the courage you carried through and continue to carry-the space you hold-allows myself and others to live ours.

- Karen Snow

Devarshi - "modern day mystic."

- Loretta Pyles


I consider myself so honored and thankful that I have had the joy and pleasure of learning so much from you...Jai Bhagwan dear Devarshi

- Dimitri Cook

My journey would never, will never, be complete without
your astute direction
Your humor
Your aliveness
Your dance
Your compassion
Your yoga
Your voice
Your funky t shirts !
The teacher you are
Your unconditional love for your students

And these few thoughts are a drop in the ocean .. You are more ..

- Annette Margot Browne

Devarshi... I think of you practically every time I teach.. In YTT, I had totally messed up my practice teach class and you took me aside and told me "Linda, yoga is in's in your body.  Stop thinking about how to say it.  Just do it and your students will follow"..... That is exactly how things have manifested. On my way to teach I have no idea what I'm going to do until I arrive. I just try to be present and guide my students while my body and energies speak to me while I'm in the always comes together and nobody wants to leave their's such an awesome feeling.  I bow to you for your wisdom.  I see you from time to time whenever I visit Kriplau "The Mother Ship" and I am comforted by your energy.. love you so much, my teacher!  Love, light and abundant blessings,

- Linda Cushman Bender

It was truly a blessing that Devarshi lead my 200-hr teacher's training at Kripalu. He is a gifted and inspiring teacher and a compassionate and loving human being. I often think back to our month-long training with a big smile throughout my entire being. He gave me the courage and understanding to be able to go out into the world and share the gift that is yoga. I am forever grateful for all he has taught me.

- Terri Schmidt

My heart overflows with gratitude for Devarshi. His gift to me was a gift of confidence and love. He challenged me to open my heart and gave me courage to transform my life. He taught me how to create a safe space for others on a transformational journey. He gave me the tools to quiet my mind so I could listen to my soul.  Most important Devarshi, shows us that he is human - he cries with us, laughs with us and connects heart-to-heart, always taking the time for a hug.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

- Charlyn Peart

I have taken the monthlong Kripalu yoga teacher training with Devarshi.  His energy, humor, support, ability to think out of the box astounded me... At times I felt I was the only person in the class with his dynamic presence. Devarshi creates a safe space, allowing one to explore their edge without feeling vulnerable or exposed... I will continue my 500-hour yoga teacher training with Devarshi amongst other events such as the Kripalu Yoga Teacher Conference this October. Thank you, Devarshi for giving me the confidence to explore my dreams and passions....

- Yvonne Millin

Devarshi teaches from a place of knowledge, compassion, love, and understanding. His wisdom comes from a place of vast experience of having learned and of learning. He shares his beauty and knowledge openly and unquestioningly with his students in a way that is simple, effective, and easy to understand. And also we get to roll around on the floor.

- Adene Brettschneider

As a student of Devarshi’s I quickly recognized that I was in the presence of a passionate and loving teacher. Approachable and engaging, Devarshi is a natural teacher. He has devoted his life to the study of yoga and clearly loves to turn the light on in others. During our sessions, Devarshi generously gave of his talents and stories, with humor and playfulness. I was completely absorbed. Often sitting cross legged among us, he would draw us in and welcoming our questions and skepticisms. I was captivated and deeply inspired; eager for more. This inspiration follows me today as I continue with my own studies and growth as a teacher. He has instilled in me the commitment to share with others what has been so generously passed on to me with lightness of spirit, grace and humor. I will always be grateful for the memorable and life-changing experience that came with Devarshi as my teacher. Deeply thankful!

- Malu Doherty

Devarshi was my lead instructor for my 200-hour YTT and for the Transformational Teaching module in my 500-hour. There is no one better. He attends to every detail to ensure each student's success in their studies. Materials, demonstrations, assignments and feedback are aligned to maximize student engagement and experience with Kripalu yoga. As a co-teacher, he works collaboratively to intertwine story telling and humor to spotlight the skills and talents of his partner. In my professional life, I worked for almost 40 years as a teacher and professional developer. The standard of excellence established by Devarshi as Dean of Kripalu's School of Yoga and for his own teaching must be experienced to be believed. It is without peer.

- Barbara Zelley

Devarshi's passion, devotion and knowledge of yoga combined with his seemingly endless amount of energy and his playful yet no-nonsense approach are a winning combination for anyone fortunate enough to have him as an instructor. Aim high, shoot straight and hit the mark with Devarshi!

- Ellen Patteson McGehee

Devarshi's teaching style is inspiring, and full of light. His classes are energetic and creative. And, the teacher training was one of the most life-altering experiences of my life. He has touched my life, and my heart with his teaching, his guidance, and his wisdom. What a light, and blessing to know him. jai Bhagwan

- Dawn Marie Falotico Burkett

Devarshi is a great guy full of wisdom, joy and energy. His leadership in Yoga Teacher Training is delightful and informative. I am very grateful to attend his lectures, discussions and especially his heart-pounding yoga classes.

- Keith Herndon

I have studied intermittently with Devarshi Steven Hartman over the course of the past 5 years. His enthusiasm, passion, and personal expression of yoga have continued to inspire me. Devarshi blends provocative inquiry, keen insights, and the wonderful element of FUN in his teaching. It is an honor & privilege to be in his company."  

- Molly Rhodes Schlangen

Very few people have the ability to turn your world upside down, inside out, backwards, and send you off like a whirling dervish. Devarshi is one of them. He is a rare person and wonderful to spend time with.

- Deborah Ketter

I was already an experienced teacher in a different tradition when I took the Kripalu 500hr Module Three with Devarshi. That was my first Kripalu training and I knew immediately that Kripalu yoga is my vessel. If you want to know what Kripalu Yoga is, look at Devarshi.

- Bharat David Bennett

If Devarshi were a wizard, he'd be the highest of them all, like the beloved Gandalf the Grey or Dumbledore. If he were a poet, he'd be devotional like Rumi or thoughtfully tender like Naomi Shihab Nye. If a musician, carefree like Jimmy Buffet or someone whose music you can really get down to.  A leader in all respects. Leads by example. Lives his yoga. Compassionately loving. Firm and steadfast on the outside, Generously warm and fuzzy on the inside. A doer. A decider. A man of firsts. A discerning judge, who leaves a trail of leaders wherever he's taught. A captivating speaker and deliverer of knowledge, confident and grounded, sure of himself, humble and mystical, and a lighthearted comedian, with magical eyes that are worlds unto themselves. His heart, the fragrance of roses and jasmine, and cool Chicago breezes and piney Berkshire air. Easy to make you smile, easy to melt your heart.

- Erica Arce

Being in your presence on a daily basis enjoying your passion, wisdom and the generosity of your(!) spirit is something I carry with me always!!! I feel so blessed!!

- Abby Heijnen

Devarshi, the Yogi Master, the human Dude. He beautifully rides the wave of the paradox of his divinity and humanness. He is so wise, so full of love, beaming and connected to source, yet seems to completely keeping himself in check in beginner's mind, totally comfortable with his inner asshole. This is no small gift to anyone who is blessed enough to study with him, for she/he who can inhabit these two worlds and live and teach in integrity is a special soul indeed. So aside from downloading radiant love beams in his presence, (which is reason enough to train with him!) he's uber-fun, hilarious, humble-pie, and thoroughly beyond thoroughly educated in, and embodies, all things Yoga. The rhythm of his teaching style is so completely engaging, that I experienced a natural and effortless engagement and focus learning from him. He emanates dedication to his path in service of Yoga and his Students. Having explored the spiritual hood in many ways, I am particular in who I will fully endorse as a teacher. This man I will wholeheartedly recommend to any Yogis who cross my path in search of further learning for a lifetime. He has inspired me to take my path as a yoga teacher to levels previously unimagined. Devarshi embodies inspiration itself.

- Ali Grimes


Devarshi: My teacher, my inspiration, a beacon of light and love...and so much more. Your grace, humility, and childlike wonder made the teacher training at Kripalu one of the peak experiences of my long life. When you shared your passion for all that is yoga and showed all that you are; it made me believe that I too could be all that I am..right here..right now. Your joyous sense of humor made every day an adventure. Thank you for being a part of my life and for affirming that we are infinite,eternal, and whole. I am grateful.

- Joy Tapper

From the moment Devarshi greeted me, as I walked into my 200hr. YTT, I felt seen. Devarshi has an approachable humanity, love, and clarity that enveloped and inspired me immediately. That bond of trust supported our learning together as teacher and student in a profound way that I have only experienced after years of knowing someone. What I love the most about Devarshi, is his sense of humor, his magical way of making me feel individual and special even in a room of 68 people, and his passionate balance of effortless instruction and cultivation of inquiry. I feel so blessed to have studied with you, Devarshi, and continue to reverberate your kind words in my heart. Thank you.

- Kat Manock Alexander

Devarshi is an unflaggingly generous, open-hearted presence who may boot you out of your comfort zone and change your life forever. Don't miss him. 

- Maria Schulman

Devarshi in the immediate greeting is not a teacher, nor a professional, he is a friend. Your first moments with him are an offering to each-other of precious gemstones from your hearts. He does this, naturally.   What comes next I cannot spoil but he is there, truly there, for you and for anyone. He taught me that the heart has no maximum capacity and that all experiences are 'grist for the mill'. I cherish my teacher, my inspiration in yoga and my friend. My yoga teacher training with Devarshi was the most transformational experience of my life.   He has harnessed his true calling in this lifetime and his greatest wish is to share it, all that is left now is for anyone willing to open to it.  My life would not be as rich and fulfilling if it was not for his unbounded love, honesty, sense of humour and ability to open you to your true nature. 
Thank you Devarshi.   Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti

- Eric Cunliffe

Without question, I have known you in another life. Thank you Devarshi for teaching me to be a yoga teacher. Your voice echoes in my heart like the ringing of the sacred bells on graduation day. All love ♥ 

- Dori Costello

There are so many exceptional qualities Devarshi shares with his students: experience and expertise, philosophical insights, attention to language and knowledge of anatomy; compassion, kindness, and - yes - even wonderful doses of sarcasm. Although I would not sacrifice having had any of those traits in my teacher, the one I hold closest to my heart as I recall my YTT experience is Devarshi's humility. He showed me what it means to be a yogi (at least to me): the willingness to acknowledge and accept life experiences and the nature of being human in those experiences, learning from them and creating a positive and open space for them, no matter how each experience may have initially expressed itself. Devarshi is a gift.

- Emily Puccio, Aquebogue, NY

There are those who are meant to teach, inspire, and move us beyond what we thought we were capable of. There are those who graciously share their deep and life learned and earned knowledge boundlessly. There are those who are authentically committed to creating a safe and sacred space within which we can, as individuals and a community find and express our unique and shared voices through sound and movement. There are those with educated and naturally gifted brilliant minds who invite curiosity, humor, exploration, compassion and love. Dear Devarshi Steven Hartman, is that rare man who is that teacher. Devarshi has a smile as beautiful as a sunrise, a mind as dazzling as the night sky, and a heart that is boundless. I am forever, a grateful student who had the great joy to be a student in Devarshi’s YTT at Kripalu. I am indeed, forever a richer woman for it and for knowing Devarshi.

- Susan Friedman Schrott

There are a few people in life whose presence inspires, provokes and speaks to a place in our heart we didn't even know we had! Devarshi is one of these people. I was blessed to be part of his 200 hour Kripalu YTT in Feb 2011. His ability to bring us to laughter and tears in the same breath is unforgettable. A witty, highly intelligent, super hilarious person, Devarshi is a gift and I am grateful for his presence in our world! Namaste. 

- Stephanie Filardi

Devarshi Steven Hartman is extremely knowledgeable and skilled in the art of teaching and facilitating a unique yogic experience. Additionally, Devarshi’s passion for the experience of divine existence coupled with his expansive way of expressing it is very inspirational! I feel honored each and every time I am able to participate in one of his programs. Thank you Devarshi for letting me experience who you are! ~Namaste

- Moniek Johnson

Devarshi is a Master Teacher guiding a diverse group of learners with varied abilities to step into new experiences on the mat! His skill, humor, compassion and grace provide the trust needed to be led to an edge. When I am in a teaching situation now that calls for a new approach, I consider how Dervarshi would approach it!" 

- Teri Goszka

"Devarshi's inspirational teaching style has infused Kripalu's Yoga Teacher Training Program with wisdom, balanced with love and humor. He is masterful in life, learning, and teaching.   Jai Devarshi!!"-

- Vandita Kate Marchesiello

Creative improvisational movements that add depth to postures and magnify sensation. Uses colorful, poetic language to bring clarity to alignment. Cute sense of humor bringing chuckles to the class. Highly experienced in meditation and scripture. Presents a safe, well-rounded class. 

- Phyllis Solar

Going thru a horrible divorce, I completed YTT.  I had had trouble getting myself out of bed in the morning to face the day. I thought back to when Devarshi came to speak to our class about the Gita. Due to his inspiration, I began to read it, outloud...almost acting it out. I'd get to the part where Arjuna collapses onto the floor of the chariot and Krishna's response to his behavior.  It worked every time. I'd find myself up and facing the demands of the day.  This was a very profound experience for me.  I now have bought my own home with a gorgeous view and just under 5 acres of blueberries!!
I adopted a little dog from the local shelter and am getting my life back..and this is only a small part of the story of my journey back.  Yoga saved me....I owe alot to Kripalu.  Devarshi's enthusiastic talk of the Gita inspired me to keep moving and not to give up.  Thank you.

- Kate Fitzgerald

Devilishly fun, nothing less than honest and I now love my butt!  Devarshi's sharing a fleeting hour of the depth and breadth of knowledge of The Gita with us was a highlight of my YTT. Many thanks.

- Robin Mathiesen, YTT Spring 2012

The love so many have for Devarshi Steven Hartman's being and teachings is, at essence, about one thing: He is living his bliss and sharing it from his heart. With intelligence, compassion, humor, and honesty, he guides students to do the same--to discover the true threads of their being and follow them with passion and vigor. I am deeply grateful for Devarshi's presence in my life. In the years since my training, his presence has resonated as a calling to get more real, to love myself more (even, especially, the scary-ugly parts), and to remember that we are all "infinite, eternal and whole." And to know that "Everything is already OK." His wisdom is delivered with a playfulness that sneaks past my resistance and into my heart's heart. His teaching is a rare and gorgeous gift.

- Valerie Reiss

There is rarely a day that goes by that I don't think about the teachings, blessings and gifts that Devarshi Steven Hartman has imparted and shared with me and my family. His ability to be centered, truthful, imaginative, loving, and kind, all at the same time, is inspiring. I have never had a more gifted teacher.

- Linda Parks

Energizer bunny combined with authentic yogi, centered in bliss and fun, that's Devarshi Steven Hartman!

- Ellen Garfield, Plano, Texas

As one of the many YTT graduates who were fortunate to have Devarshi lead our training, I am delighted to offer my heartfelt praise for his many gifts. I have gone on to offer classes in a variety of challenging situations and often call upon something he shared that guides me in a loving way. I remember his clear message in finding my own "authentic self" and smile when I recall the sharing of his journey, which he is rides, with great humor and patience. I will always be greatly honored to have done my Yoga training with Devarshi.

- Felice Brenner

Devarshi personal feedback to me was genuine, constructive, instructive, and dense with real and useful information.  Devarshi's exposition of the Gita put us onto the battlefield, sincerely engaged with the angst of our humanity. Devarshi's light humour brought enlightenment to us in an importantly unthreatening way.  Regardless of our respective, spiritual pilgrims' progress, Devarshi made us feel welcome and optimistic in the pathways of our yoga.  Devarshi is a sincere, intelligent teacher, with a great sense of humour. His guidance has been inspirational, his gift to us heartfelt and genuine.

- Steve Lee

I have taken many programs over the years, and can tell you that a program with Devarshi is "transformational".  He is a passionate teacher who offers his students the tools to explore their relationship with self and others.  Devarshi has walked a spiritual path for many years, digging into and exploring consciousness through a wide range of studies.  His teaching is very rich and reflective of that journey.  Whether you join him for a well-rounded master yoga class, sign up for a teacher training, or join him for a workshop, I promise you will not be disappointed!  He has a wonderful sense of humor that is balanced with a true and devotional love for the practice of yoga and life.   His classes are enlightening, energizing, joyful, and reflective.  In fact, it is his ability to incorporate humor and reverence that makes him such a jewel! 

- Trudy Manion - Producer

Devarshi Steven Hartman is a master teacher in every sense. He brings a depth of understanding, both in his exceptional knowledge of the vast and complex systems of yoga, and also as a spiritual seeker and devotee to the path of love. He brings lightheartedness and humor to the most intense aspects of practice. He creates environments of security and safety for individual experiences and awakenings. Profound and playful, he creates transformation and inspires liberation.

- Jyotika Jean Skeels - Acharaya Intensive Graduate - 500 Hour Grad

Devarshi is a brilliant teacher that has the uncanny ability to help bring out the very best of me as his student.  I feel that after every training and/or teaching from Devarshi I’m left with all that I need to be a powerful transformational yoga teacher.

- Peg Gesick

Devarshi Steven Hartman is a phenomenal teacher with a great sense of humor and an ability to move people into a deeper aspect of themselves.  He is incredibly knowledgeable about yoga and is fun to learn from.  I am so grateful that I was able to learn yoga from him, he is beyond a yoga teacher and is really a spiritual mentor, guiding students on the path to greater awareness and consciousness.   I hope to take my 500hr with him someday.  I highly recommend him as a light being to assist you on the path back to the One, and to give you a clear and understandable yoga teacher training that is fun, profound, and incredibly life changing.  Thanks Devarshi, you rock!

- Cleo Post

Dear Devarshi,
A little over 6 months ago, during Module 3 that you led,  my YogaSister Charlyn and I, stated with girlish excitement, our intention to open our own yoga studio. Within 2 weeks of leaving Kripalu, we found a beautiful space and in August, I opened Anahata Yoga and Wellness Center, in Ledarach, PA (just 15 minutes from the Kripalu ashram in Sumneytown). Charlyn teaches with me there. Our other Kripalu YogaSister, Lisa Pistilli, also teaches with us. 
I feel your presence constantly in the teachings that you've shared.  Recently, I developed a Beginners Kripalu Yoga Series where I teach the koshas as you taught us. Not all the students are complete beginners and those that have practiced before have communicated that this new knowledge of the koshas has transformed how they experience their yoga. It's so cool!
I know from Charlyn that you are in the beginning stages of the Acharya program. I hope to be part of it someday. I know when the time is right, the opportunity will present itself.
Thank you, Devarshi, for sharing the gifts of yoga with such passion and love.  I am honored to be able to pass these teachings along to my students.
Peace and Love

- Kathy Tooley

Hi, Jovinna and Devarshi --
Since leaving KYTT nearly a month and a half ago I knew that I would want to extend my profound thanks to you both for the amazing experience.  If people ask what YTT was like, I say that it was like "human school", and an incredible healing experience, and don't (can't!) say much beyond that.  While I still regularly practice my Bikram series, I find myself focusing on the breath, making micro-movements and smiling a whole lot more than before YTT... 
I'm writing this note to you today because in YTT I had expressed my doubts to you about being a teacher, and I told you that I was feeling “way out of my comfort zone”.  Well, since I came back to Boston, I've made a few inquiries into classes but have mostly focused on my own practice. 
But today, in the span of less than two hours today, the universe aligned and gave me four classes to teach -- one on a temporary basis, one a month-long series and two permanent classes, taking over for someone who will be moving -- and these are at three different, unaffiliated locations (the Y, a studio and a community college)!!!   AND I SAID YES.  With work and my own practice, I need to seriously figure out how I can make this all happen, but did want to share with you as I am relishing this moment of amazing bounty.

I must thank you for your excellent, intuitive, and caring teaching and support.

Thank you both very much.  You are amazing.
Namaste and love

- Kristin Motte

Dearest Teachers Megha and Devarshi,

One year ago I embarked on a wild and wondrous journey with you in the YTT, took the plunge into the unknown, left the secure world for the mystical one, and I feel blessed. As I look back on that month that changed how I look at life and how I interact with the world, I can honestly say that not a moment was wasted. I am grateful that I was able to be present for all of it, to learn things about myself that I never knew. I have found my dharma, my calling; teaching yoga. The interactions I had there with my sangha, my tribe, will always be precious to me. The things I learned from them and from all of the teachers are held close in my heart. I am now able to talk to a student who desperately wants to experience a tree pose that “looks like the magazine covers” and explain to her that it is the shape of her bones preventing the expression she wants to have, and it isn't a lack of effort or ability on her part. I have the honor and privilege of witnessing her slowly soften and gain a glimpse of self-acceptance and compassionate self-awareness, slowly rebuilding the relationship she has with her body into one that is less abusive. I now offer metta meditations in my classes and watch the gentle opening of hearts, and use the opportunity for myself to offer metta to those who have hurt me through the years, allowing my own heart to soften and heal. I spend Friday nights planning classes instead of going out. I study anatomy to refresh my knowledge of a joint or muscle to add something to a class to help a student who has an injury she is working through.  I get a class of new students who have never done yoga before to chant "Yes, I love my back and butt!" and giggle like little kids! I tell students to do empty coat sleeves every day. I have them massage their feet at the beginning of class and do “toe-ga”. At home, I gently hold space to allow my husband to continue to heal and rebuild his life after his military deployment. We are still traveling on the healing path and untangling his mind that is profoundly affected by PTSD. I have the skills to help him in small ways and help myself in big ones. I love every minute of it. It doesn't feel like "work". It feels like peace!

During the month long training, I remember people saying that when we went back out into the world, our energy would draw opportunities toward us. Quite honestly, as a scientist by training, I thought this was a bunch of hogwash. I trusted the process however, and added on to my training, Yoga For Seniors, Creative Kids Yoga, a workshop with Bo Forbes on anxiety and depression, and of course Let Your Yoga Dance, which turned out to be the training that provided the most challenge in many ways. This flow of opportunities has turned out to be completely true. I am now teaching between 9 and 11 classes per week, with students ages 3 to 83. Working in a studio, working in daycares, working in churches, finding ways to say yes to the energy that flows my way. I am even learning to let go of the stress when a class fades away, knowing that another opportunity will flow my way for the same time slot in my week, and it always does. I find ways to breathe through the transitions that are still continuing to transform my life. My witness consciousness seems to be ever present, allowing me to detach from situations to see them from a less "involved" point of view.

I am simply stunned when I think of how far I have traveled on this wondrous path. I feel a confidence level that I didn't think I could have. My skills as a teacher are improving rapidly, finding myself able to let go of the "plan" for class quite easily and go with what the students need. When I sit on the mat to teach, I know that for the next hour or so, my students will get a safe experience that challenges them mentally, spiritually, and emotionally, and they will probably get a chance to laugh a bit, either at themselves or me! I feel something more powerful than myself channeling through me, somehow finding the energy to teach even when I am not feeling well or extremely tired. And learning to trust that I will have just what my student’s need that day even if it is not what I planned.

I feel like I could go on forever here, but I won't as I know you are both busy growing a new crop of teachers right now. I felt the need to express how thrilled I am with the way I choose to spend my days now and that I hold dear all of the wisdom that you both imparted to me and everyone else during our month-long training last fall. And so on this day of remembering when the journey began, I say thank you, thank you, thank you.


- Melissa Rockwell

I'm Hindu and I was confused with Gita, but you made it all clear and I love it. I bought your Audio Book long time ago, but didn't listen to it. Then I just attended Global Gita Convention in Irvine and when I came back and I started listening and you are the best! Also your stories and examples makes so much more interesting! Thank you so much for your awesome work! Now I'm writing my own notes. You are changing my life! I love your name "Devarshi"!


-Satish Satpute