Pranotthan Yoga School

200-hour Yoga Teacher Training 

Are you thinking about becoming a yoga teacher or simply wanting to further your studies? Our intensive program is designed to deepen and clarify your experience of the ancient science of yoga while you train to become a confident, skillful, and compassionate teacher. Pranotthan means the awakening of prana and its intuitive intelligence. Rooted in ancient traditional philosophy and practices, the Pranotthan Yoga School offers a journey of transformation and self-awakening with some of the most experienced yoga teacher Trainers in the world, including Devarshi Steven HartmanPriti Robyn RossJovinna ChanGrace Jull, and Jurian Hughes. Learn how to bring the joy of yoga to others in a clear and safe format. Step into living your fullest potential and inspire others to do the same. Pranotthan Yoga is compatible with all other styles and traditions of yoga practice.

Pranotthan Yoga Teacher Training helps you be the best yoga teacher you can be, for exactly who you are NOW. There are students waiting for every kind of teacher. Whether you wish to teach hot vigorous yoga flows that cause you to sweat, or yoga to seniors in chairs, Pranotthan Yoga Teacher Training will help you. PYTT focuses on the teaching methodology underneath every form of yoga. In our training you'll learn way more than a simple script or prescribed class to follow. In PYTT you learn the fundamental building blocks, tools, and ancient roots for being a depth yoga teacher and practitioner, exploring and sharing with others what is most passionate to you.




Training Begins October 23, 2019 - Weekend Format - One weekend per month - Ends April 26, 2020 - All That Matters Studio, Wakefield, Rhode Island



For information our questions about current trainings, please contact Devarshi at