Spiritual Support

55 Minutes | $85

Devarshi Steven Hartman is available for One-On-One sessions at his home or over the phone. 
Contact Devarshi to set an appointment.

Looking for a shift in perception during a time of change or challenge? Looking or clarity in setting and pursuing your life goals and meaningful expression? Looking to uncover and transform limiting habits and beliefs that no longer serve you? Devarshi will help you gain the tools you need to move boldly forward, embrace a larger perspective of who you are, and adjust the context from which you live in order to experience more freedom and joy. Be ready to turn-up-the-volume on your innate ability to experience the totality of your life!  

Email me at steven@stevenhartman.com to arrange a complimentary 15-minute check-in to inquire more about the nature of this work for you.

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1.5 Hours | $135

Devarshi has been trained in many healing traditions, from Deep Tissue and Sports Massage, to Reiki and Holotropic Breathwork. Devarshi has dedicated his life to acquiring transformational tools for the body, energy, and mind - that create a release from past limitations and open you to a greater freedom at every level of being. His sessions are often cathartic in nature and create a profound self-realization, healing, and integration.



Kriya Breathwork

 90 Minutes | $90

Kriya is a Sanskrit word that means purification.  Kriya Breathwork is the simple ancient roots that Rebirthing Breathwork™ and Holotropic Breathwork™ are based on.  

This simple, natural breath induces powerful healing effects into every level of the being.  In the science of yoga, these layers of the self are called Koshas.   During Kriya Breathwork each Kosha is stimulated by this cathartic breath, towards experiencing where there is “holding”.  Awareness and acceptance flood in, as release and integration take place.  With the help of an experienced guide, the physical body (Anna Kosha) experiences and releases long-held cellular patterns.  The energetic/emotional body (Prana Kosha) transforms as it vibrates to a clear, powerful force of energy.  The mind (Mano Kosha) floods with images and memories allowing you to view significant events in new ways.  Your internal witness consciousness (Vijnana Kosha) strengthens as you observe your experience without judgment and with new compassion and understanding.  The end result is one of bliss and soul (Ananda Kosha).  Many people describe their Kriya Breathwork experiences as better than any drug trip and completely natural.

I have guided thousands of people through Kriya Breath sessions individually and in large groups.  This natural, God-given breath holds the power to restore, release and integrate some of the longest-held and most transparent “issues in the tissues”.  Many people experience “past life” memories that lend understanding and context to current life situations, physical healings that seem miraculous and remain, spiritual and energetic realities that they did not know existed and a pervading peace that often removes one’s fear of death.  

I am aware these claims might seem “over-the-top”, but I am not exaggerating.  I have put into words, as simply as possible, the very real effects of Kriya Breathwork.   I have experienced all of these things for myself hundreds of times again and again, and I have led thousands of people through Kriya Breathwork sessions and have seen it all.  Many people who experience these sessions name it as the most significant and life-altering experience of their lifetime. 

Kriya Breathwork does involve some effort, determination and willingness to be vulnerable.  With the help of an experienced and knowledgeable guide these sessions can and will “rock your world”.  People often come into a KB session wanting and hoping for a specific result, insight, shift or release into specific area of their life.  People also come in with no agendas, but to see what presents itself.  Both approaches work, there are always surprises, and every session is different from the last.  

Although the framework is slightly different, this ancient simple breathing technique is the same as Holotropic Breathwork™ and Rebirthing™.  Feel free to link onto these websites to find out more about this breath from these perspectives. 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns, or to plan a Kriya Breathwork appointment for you, or a group.  


Yoga - Private or Group

 55 Minutes | $85