LifeQuest Intensive

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LifeQuest Intensive is a kick-ass, transformational, yoga-philosophy-based program that will change your life.


This is where you’ll learn the necessary transformational tools and experiences for living fully.



We cover the core stuff that should have been taught in school:  Who am I? What is the purpose of life?  How do I explore life’s most profound questions? What is my purpose, and how do I find it?  How can I be sure? What is real peace?  How do I get it, share it, be it?  What about evil in the world? What is the difference between something that IS true vs. something I BELIEVE to be true? How can I change a belief that I have always held but I know is not helpful, like “Life is hard,” “I am not beautiful,” or “I never have enough money”?


LifeQuest Intensive begins with a high-powered introductory weekend that wakes you up to a new way of viewing life, tools for healing the past, experiences for breaking free of limitations, and the energy to feel and experience life fully.


LifeQuest Five-Day Intensive takes the tools and experiences of the first weekend to a deeper level.  Here you learn and practice the simple innate skills necessary to continually increase your awareness.  Increased awareness, or presence, is the foundation for freedom, choice, health, and living fully.  It’s all connected.  Cultivating presence is simple, powerful, and always available, but seems to elude and confuse the best of us.  You will walk away with everything you need to conquer life’s greatest challenges as you move forward with purpose.  Removing obstacles to awareness and love happens easily when you have the tools.  It is your natural birthright.  It is easy!  It requires your willingness, understanding, and a little bit of practice—then you will soar!


LifeQuest Yearlong Intensive* is a life-regeneration program that is guaranteed to clear you of your deepest samskaras (past wounds and unhelpful habitual patterning) once and for all, restoring you to your inherent exuberance for life and learning.  During this yearlong journey you establish a community (sangha) of truth-seekers to travel with intimately during the year…and beyond. Sangha groups are limited to twelve people to ensure the individual attention and intimacy required to support your transformational experiences. Together you’ll enjoy using the tools that will purify you at every level of your multi-dimensional being: body, breath, mind, witness and soul!  You will create the life you know you were meant to live with a level of support you have never had.  In this year of “getting real” through practices of authenticity and honesty with self and others, you will see yourself through compassionate eyes and be held in the arms of your spiritual brothers and sisters who commit to helping you be the best you can be.  Everyone gets healed in the process of this divine play together.  You will discover that the secret of your heart lies in the heart of another.  In this healing community we learn to do whatever it takes to help each other see who we really are and allow the very real and palpable cultivation of love to do its magic. 



Graduates of this year-long intensive will have the option to complete an additional weekend training course certifying them to teach and guide the LifeQuest Intensive Weekend wherever they choose, creating right livelihood and sharing the tools that everyone should know to create peace in one’s self and thus the planet.


Please email me if you would like to sponsor a LifeQuest Intensive weekend in your area.  All you need is six or more people to make the weekend happen!


*Kripalu School of Yoga and Nosara Yoga Institute 500-hour Yoga Teacher Graduates are “grandfathered” into applying for the yearlong LifeQuest Intensive