Gay Men's LifeQuest Intensive

Esalen Institute - Big Sur, California - January 14th - 19th - Click Here


What venture and passion is calling you next? 

In this safe and compassionate environment you will explore your best possible future, gain clarity and new tools for navigating and finding new inspiration and support for your path ahead.  You will be surrounded by the beauty of Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA. during the winter and Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY. during the summer.  The simple experiential LifeQuest tools offered in this retreat provide the foundation for you to find your unique path to greater fulfillment, freedom, and fearlessness in the coming new year. And, as always, wherever gay men gather, there will be much fun, and authentic intimacy that will have you feel seen, supported, and known, as you go forward.

Come get a new dose of insight, energy, clarity, inspiration, and camaraderie to spring forward boldly with your most passionate life inquiries.

Imagine beginning your new year by delving into the powerful transformational tools needed to live the next phase of your extraordinary life. Explore what challenges and life quests that lay before you at this time. LifeQuest enhances integration, healing, or the unwinding of previous limitations with ease and grace. Now is the time for you to claim, learn, explore, and act on what has been just beyond your reach.

These retreats are a time of self reflection, clarifying one’s most current deep life-purpose, mission and goals through experiential self-exploration exercises, and just a damn good time with a great group of like-minded men.  There will be movement involved but no previous experience or “level” of fitness is needed.   

You will explore and unravel any confusion holding you back from what your next longings are, and how to attain them with joy and curiosity all along the way, creating your next…

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"A great, yoga inspired retreat that helped bring clarity for my path forward."
- Darrin, 49 | Telecommunications

"Devarshi has the rare ability to create a brave, safe, and surprisingly fun space to explore everything that I wanted and needed to explore. This has been such a beautiful catalyst to shift into something newer and better."
- Mark, 40 | Psychiatrist

"I cried, I learned, and I grew. Best of all, I experienced my growth among non-judgemental gay men"
- Kevin, 53

"Everything that I needed & nothing that I expected. Infinite thank-you's & love"
- Billy, 38 | Realtor

"Devarshi has great charisma! This program included personal growth, yoga based inquiries, and was extremely helpful in giving me new tools for my life."
- Ron, 52 | Accountant

"Devarshi doesn't ask you to believe anything. Instead, he facilitates powerful meditative and centering experiences and let's you draw your own conclusions. It was incredibly powerful for a generally skeptical person such as myself."
- Roger, 32 | Entrepreneur

"Came for self-reflection and awareness, left with this and life-long friendships."
- Joey, 33 | Photographer

"Seeing beyond my own subjective reality to fully embrace the present moment was a truly exceptional gift to receive during my workshop with Steven."
- Herbert, 26 | Dance Instructor

"I have never laughed so hard in a group of strangers as I have in this program"
- Otis, 36

"Esalen is beautiful. The week was relaxing and I've learned many new breathing techniques to help me relax and smile throughout the day."
- Michael, 29 | Marketing

"I came to the workshop hoping to find a lifeline during the hardest time of my life. Instead I found so much more - how to communicate, how to love others, how to love myself, how to overcome anxiety and depression using combinations of mind and body exercises. Devarshi's energy, devotion, and compassion has helped me move forward."
- Kurt, 54 | Art Director