The Power of Breath: A Five-Day Pranayama Immersion


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We are currently working on more collaborations between Devarshi and Yogi Amrit Desai to be held at AYI in the future. Stay posted for 2020 programming!

Devarshi Steven Hartman and Gurudev Shri Amritji
Beginning April 7 - 12, 2019


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Join Yogi Amrit Desai and Devarshi Steven Hartman for this unique and unforgettable event. During this immersion training we will explore and dive deep into practice of pranayama, breathing and energy techniques that create profound shifts. These two remarkable teachers will join their efforts, wisdom, and experience to share with you the power of transformational breathwork.  Gurudev and Devarshi’s prana kriya (purification) exercises will invigorate, rejuvenate, and energize your cells and consciousness in this five-day submersion into the deepest recesses of your being.   

These masterful teachers will blend their rare experiences, humor, story-telling and guidance with you.  We will steep ourselves in the purification, release and vitality that pranayama practice initiates. Come ready to raise the roof on your prana and vibrate with powerful healing energy and oxygen. Pranayama practice holds the keys to deep meditation. The insight you gain from these simple, profound techniques will inspire you.

The practice of pranayama is the heart of all yoga practice.

Yogi Amrit Desai holds a place in history as being one of the most influential yoga masters living on the planet today.    His unique understanding, style, depth, skill, and illumination are not to be missed. At 85, Yogi Desai’s life experience and yoga dedication is unparalleled.  He is a masterful teacher who embodies and transmits the energy of his potent loving presence and intuitive wisdom - the true product of yoga.

Devarshi, initiated by Yogi Amrit Desai as a student of yoga, almost four decades ago, and through Yogi Desai’s guidance and longtime residential ashram lifestyle, has trained thousands of yoga teachers around the country.  He is the Founder of the Pranotthan School of Yoga and leads yoga and mindfulness workshops around the world.

Yogi Desai and Devarshi will guide you through many experiences that will catapult you to the next level of yoga knowledge and experience, creating more peace, love and wisdom within. 

In this training you will:

  • Learn and practice the six basic pranayama techniques that yogis have been using for centuries.

  • Learn how to combine these pranayama tools to move personal energy towards the desired result; increased energy, release, balance or calm.

  • Immerse yourself in experiencing Yoga’s ancient map of The Koshas as the pathway to personal transformation and authenticity. 

  • Learn new tools for training and directing your attention to experience what you desire

  • Experience going beyond the “common” mind and ALL your belief systems to a realm of being “beyond belief”

  • Release habitual, indoctrinated patterning held deep in the subconscious.  

Recommended text: Prana and Pranayama by Swami Niranjanananda – Bijar School of Yoga

The Essence of The Bhagavad Gita

Devarshi Steven Hartman and Yogi Gurudev Shri Amritji
Beginning April 5 - 7, 2019


Join Devarshi Steven Hartman and Yogi Amrit Desai - in this lively, transformational weekend experiencing the timeless wisdom of one of the greatest pieces of spiritual literature on the planet and the quintessential text on yoga. 

Come join us and absorb life-changing knowledge divinely imbued in this ancient epic poem - a conversation between Krishna (God) and Arjuna (the spiritual warrior) while being a part of the dynamic and spirited interactions and exercises led by Yogi Amrit Desai (Gurudev) and Devarshi as they unveil the teachings of the Gita together, with you.  Learn how the enduring truths, held in this ageless text, have withstood the test of time, offering guidance and peace to so much of the world. 

These two outstanding and teachers will blend their rare experience and share their extraordinary relationship with you while creating an unparalleled yoga environment for personal transformation. The philosophies and principles embedded in the Gita and revealed by these masterful teachers will offer you shifts in awareness and an integrating understanding of the nature of being and the purpose of life. 

The teachings of this weekend Bhagavad Gita program will be continued into the five-day pranayama immersion intensive that follows. Consider combining these two programs for a comprehensive renewal to the deepest states of your being.

Devarshi is Author of the best-selling audio series The Essence of the Bhagavad Gita, and an inspiring storyteller who makes the Gita come alive and reveals how it is applicable to your modern life.  Devarshi has been a disciple and friend of Yogi Amrit Desai’s since 1983, was a former longtime Kripalu Ashram resident, and the Dean of the Kripalu School of Yoga from 2004 to 2014. Devarshi is the Founder of the Pranotthan School of Yoga that leads 200-Hour and 500-Hour Yoga Teacher Trainings at All That Matters Studio in Rhode Island.

Yogi Amrit Desai (Gurudev) needs little introduction. Founder of Kripalu Ashram and Amrit Yoga Institute, Gurudev has dedicated his whole life to the practice and teaching of yoga at every level.  His role in bringing and transmitting yoga knowledge to the west is unparalleled. Through his leadership, love, and devotion to yoga he has inspired thousands of students who have lived and learned in the spiritual communities he has created.  Yogi Desai and the many teachers that he has initiated into yoga have been one of the largest influences on the face of modern yoga in the world today.  Gurudev’s presence, innate wisdom, and life experience are a rare gift not to be missed. At the beautiful age of 86, Gurudev is a model of vitality, aliveness, authenticity, insight, compassion, humor and more.

All are welcome.  You do not need to have any prior knowledge about the Gita, or have any interest in physical yoga practice to attend. 

In this training you will:

  • Become familiar with foundational principles laid out in the Gita that contain the potential to change the way you view life and the way you live, teach and practice yoga.

  • Clarify and commit to your individual dharma (life purpose) with new vigor and inspiration.

  • Come to terms with some of life’s most perplexing dilemmas once and for all, freeing up endless energy and gathering unprecedented courage for your future.

  • Learn to use the powerful practices and philosophy of yoga, meditation and pranayama to integrate the teachings of the Gita enhancing the depth from which you exist.

  • Learn what it means to be an Acharya (spiritual teacher) who embodies more than simple movement, exercise and asana, but shares millennia-old, time-tested sutras (threads) that illumine life’s path for yourself and others.

Recommended Translation: The Bhagavad Gita – by Stephen Mitchell

Please read what Yogi Amrit Desai (Gurudev) wrote on 12-30-18 about these upcoming workshops.



Description of Pranayama Program with Devarshi:

In this Program you will learn about and explore the power of Pranayama as Quantum Breath Meditation and how it supports the practice of Pratyahara (Inward Focus).

What is Pranayama?

Often pranayama is practiced as a physical discipline in the form of breathing exercises. This popular practice is not pranayama. Breath combined with consciousness is what turns breathing exercises into pranayama. Combining breath with consciousness creates a quantum shift where the breath connects you to the subconscious co-creative polarity within and witnessing consciousness connects you to the superconscious oneness Presence that I AM.

How do I practice Pranayama?

Pranayama, practiced as breathing exercises combined with consciousness, can be used as a link to return to the Source.

Pranayama practiced as a physical discipline (without consciousness), is carried out by the doer and achiever, the ego-mind. In this approach, the ego-mind uses prana to achieve some goal in the dimension of time, which disengages you from the source of prana (I AM).

When you practice breathing exercises combined with witnessing Presence you are withdrawing from the ego-mind. Withdrawing from the ego-mind as a doer and achiever and replacing it with witnessing Presence is the only way breath work can connect you to the infinite source of prana.

Gurudev’s 1970 Awakening Experience:

When I had an awakening experience in 1970 I experienced a direct link to the non-doing power of Presence that I AM acting directly and non-mentally in my body. This was my first experience of a quantum shift from ‘doing’ postures and pranayama to the non-doing power of Presence. The non-doing power of Presence flooded my body with its Divine Prana Shakti and carried out the postures and pranayama non-mentally.

Before this experience my practice of asanas and pranayama was guided by the ego-mind, the doer and the achiever. My awakening experience revealed a new discovery: the Divine Being truly entered my body through its Divine Prana Shakti and designed the postures and pranayama that directly targeted the energy blocks in my body. I continued to energetically sense and feel the Shakti while my body was moved into postures that were designed by the non-doing power of Presence.

I noticed that the Divine Being had a diagnostic process of detecting the energy blocks that appeared in my physical, mental and emotional bodies. It designed precise postures, pranayama and movements to target the energy blocks so precisely that I was in awe while watching what was being done in my body.

My movements were guided from some unknown, invisible source of power that became visible as it acted through the prana in my body. The Creator, the Soul that I AM, was clearing the energy blocks that were built into my body by the alien ego-mind. (Later on, I recognized that what prana was doing in my body was called prana kriya. Prana kriya is carried out by the Presence that I AM.) This was my first experience of Meditation in Motion.

I AM Yoga as Meditation in Motion

I AM Yoga is called Meditation in Motion. This means, whenever your practice of yoga postures or pranayama is combined with choiceless witnessing Presence you are learning the master key of how to withdraw from the doer and achiever, the ego-mind, in the dimension of time and invite the timeless non-doing Presence that I AM to guide you.

The Edgy Ego-Mind

Ordinarily yoga postures are practiced, managed and directed by the ego-mind. It is the ego-mind that tells the body which posture to do and how to do it. When it faces energy blocks, it gets frustrated and judges itself for having created such an over-weight, tense, stiff body.

As the ego-mind struggles and attempts to break the barriers that appear on the surface of the body, the real barrier - that the ego-self is – is feeding itself and getting stronger in the process of trying to release the blockages it has been creating.

Most people do not know that their ego-mind is working for its own sustenance and survival. It feeds itself with new life energy (prana) as it engages in the process of fight or flight reaction on when it encounters inhibitions, tension, stiffness in the body. In I AM Yoga this is called ‘the edge’.

In the practice of yoga, the edgy ego-mind is the problem because it has separated from the source of Oneness Presence and lives in perpetual conflict internally. Therefore, it lives in perpetual conflict with no matter who or what is present externally.

The ego-mind, having separated from the loving, unifying Presence within, seeks the same loving unifying experiences from others and external resources in the world. This is when the ego-mind creates a paradigm shift from the source of love within to seeking it through external resources that can never be found.

Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras Offer Guidance for Dealing with the Edgy Ego-Mind

Patanjali explains how to practice yoga in his first two sutras.

(Gurudev’s Note: After that, everything else is an elaboration of details that you can learn, the higher stages it can take you to and the powerful siddhis you can have.)

Patanjali’s first sutra says, “Atha Yoganusasanam”, which is often translated as:

“Now, the practice of yoga begins.” This is often easily dismissed as people hurriedly skip over it to ‘get to the good stuff’.

In the practice of I AM Yoga this sutra is embraced and uniquely translated as:

“The discipline of Yoga happens Now.”

This means, the practice of yoga can only happen ‘Here and Now’.

In the second sutra Patanjali says, “Yogas Chitta Vritti Nirodhah.”

The translation is: “Yoga means witnessing the modifications of the mind.”

I AM Yoga uniquely incorporates this sutra into the practice of Patanjali’s eight limbed ashtanga yoga. How? By witnessing the modifications of mind that appear as reactive thoughts and emotions that pass through your mental body while engaging in the practice of yamas, niyamas, asanas, pranayama, pratyahara, etc.

When the practice of yamas and niyamas is carried out by the ego-mind, the practice is established in self-concepts, conceptual understanding of others and the world. It lives in division from the source of Oneness within.

For example, you want to practice Ahimsa, non-violence. Externally the ego-mind attempts to behave and interact in a non-violent way. But when the ego-mind fails, it engages in violent interaction within by rejecting, judging or diminishing itself.

The same thing happens no matter what yama or niyama you are practicing. If the practice is not accompanied by witnessing presence you can externally practice yamas and niyamas, but internally you will be engaged in judging yourself, comparing yourself with others and feeling frustrated, angry and fearful when you fail.

I AM Yoga: Pratyahara as a Turnaround Technique

The fundamental practice of I AM Yoga is how to practice Pratyahara. Pratyahara is a turnaround technique.

Most people in their practice of Patanjali’s Ashtanga Yoga do not know that the quantum shift is initiated by witnessing the modifications of the mind that happens at the level of Pratyahara.

Pratyahara allows you to see yourself rather than see yourself that has become visible to you outside of you (as the other…). The reactive perceiver that is not visible to you becomes visible to you when you reactively perceive the person, object or situation that is present in the outer world.

It allows you to see the invisible part that controls your reactive interaction with no matter who or what is present.

Only if you practice witnessing presence as an entry point into the practice of Ashtanga Yoga can you move from the practice of asanas and pranayama into withdrawing from the ego-self (Pratyahara).

When you are the victim of reactive perceptions you superimpose your reactive thoughts and emotions over who or what is present and see the conflict-creating reaction as if it is coming from the other. But, you have superimposed it onto them.

Instead of the ego-mind functioning on judging the lie and the liars – but itself is a liar – that it does not know. But when it gets reflected in the outer world it sees the world lying to it – but it is lying to itself that it cannot see. Pratyahara allows you to withdraw from reactive perception of the person or an object that triggers it a quantum shift from judging the lies that comes from others to seeing the Truth of the source (the ego-mind) that lives within.

When you witness, you can see that you are the cause of what appears to be coming from the other. What appears to be coming from the other is the effect, the reactive cause lives in you. It is the cause (you!) that has created the effects.

Pratyahara is a turnaround technique where you are looking at the moon reflected in the water and believe it is in the water rather than your ego-self that appears to be reflected in the outer world. What appears to be coming from outside to the reactive perceiver is coming from the inside. But to the reactive perceiver what it is carrying inside is buried so deep for the protection of the self-image (the memories of addiction to pleasure and fear of pain) that it cannot be seen directly until it gets triggered by association with who or what it present. It becomes visible outside. When you know this master key, every time you judge someone or something you discover the judge lives in you.

When I am frustrated about my work or I am tired, and I am attempting to get work with someone or something my reactions gets triggered by no matter who or what is present. But when I am relaxed and happy, and I am balanced in my work and life – the same situation does not create the same reactions in me. How I live within myself is how I manifest what I experience outside of me. When you know how this works you learn how to restore the balance within and you will see that balance, harmony, peace and love reflected no matter where you go, what you do or who you are with.

Whenever you are balanced you experience relaxation, peace and love flowing through your body and through your interactions in your life. When in balance your male Presence, I AM, acting on the sympathetic nervous system interacting with female parasympathetic nervous are functioning in co-creative, self-balancing, self-healing functions.

When you create a turnaround shift from the conflict-creating duality of the ego-mind to the co-creative polarity the perceiver is shifted from the reactive perceiver, the ego-mind, to the non-reactive witnessing presence.

Pranayama & Pratyahara as the Fire That Burns Karma

The practice of breath work combined with witnessing presence stokes the fire that burns and breaks down the karmic energetic barriers of old conflict-creating memories of marriage/divorce, love/separation, pleasure/pain, success/failure that live internally. When you practice these powerful tools, techniques and insightful teachings you learn how to release the trapped energy blocks in your physical body and memory blocks in your mental body. The homeostatic functions of the body are carried out by Prana Being as the balance between male Being and female Prana at the subconscious level. (Extra note: … the masculine part is played by the ego-mind that abuses the energy to make to fulfill its own addictions or suppress its fears.)

Reactive thoughts and emotions and tensions in the body create so much energetic disturbance that makes it impossible for the energy, the non-doing power of the innate intelligence of Presence, to take back the prana from the ego-mind.

Therefore, when you witness your thoughts during the process of asanas and pranayama you are withdrawing from the mental and emotional chaotic thoughts, emotions of self-concepts, competition, jealousy, self-rejection, blame, shame, etc.

I AM Yoga and The Koshas

The physical discipline of postures functions at the level of the body: annamayakosha.

This is the outer most and grossest level of manifestation of the Presence that I AM.

Pranayama connects you to a level that is subtler than the physical level: pranamayakosha. Even though pranamayakosha manifests at a subconscious level it is the direct extension of superconscious. Therefore, yogis use pranayama as a powerful link to purify and integrate all other levels such as: physical body, unconscious mental and emotional (manomayakosha) bodies that block us from the heart and higher centers integration (v the leaves us to the Oneness Presence of the blissful being that I AM (anandamayakosha).

Witnessing Presence allows you to withdraw from the reactive toxic ego-mind and the toxic physical, mental and emotional energy blocks it has left in the body. What the ego-mind creates and stores in the body becomes the victim of its own creation. When you clear your physical, mental and emotional bodies the wisdom body (vijnanamayakosha) begins to flow through everything you do, everywhere you go and with everyone you are with.

Whenever you withdraw your ego-mind as the doer and achiever that is managing, controlling and guiding the body you are simultaneously invoking the power of the non-doing Presence to come in and take over your body.

Whenever your ego-self is in control of the body – where the body is under the commands of your thoughts, emotions, self-concepts that functions as the source for everything you think about yourself, others and the world while you are doing yoga postures is taking your energy and spinning it into a counter clockwise motion, which is taking it into a downward spiral – hemorrhaging the energy ‘down and out’.

The downward spiral moves from co-creative polarity to conflict-creating duality. The downward spiral means your energy follows your attention. The ego-mind seeks love, acceptance, peace and harmony from external relationships and material resources and objects. This explains that the energy that was functioning in co-creation with the consciousness Presence that I AM within on a subconscious co-creative polarity level is now hijacked by the ego-mind that seeks it from external relationships and resources through the conflict-creating reactive perceptions of who or what triggers it.

What is invisible to the reactive perceiver is made visible when its reactive memory is triggered by who or what is present. The internally held reactive memories when they appear externally through the one who triggers it gives you an opportunity to see the part of you that remains invisible to you.

Ordinarily, when the reactive memories are triggered by someone or something externally the reactive perceiver cannot see who or what is present as it is. It sees it through the filter of memories of the past.

When you witness your reactive thoughts and emotions you are withdrawing from your reactive thinker, the ego-mind, that lives in the memories of the past and has lost its ability to see what is as is – you are withdrawing from the ego-mind guarding and protecting the energetic blocks and even reinforcing them. When you witness, you are releasing the energy trapped in the unconscious body of the ego-mind (the past) and the memory of the ego-mind that manages it within. Once you withdraw from the past you can see what is present Here and Now.

This is why Patanjali says, “The discipline of Yoga happens Now”. Most people who have learned ‘about’ the practice of Here and Now. They often have a conceptual understanding but not a functional experiential way of entering into it.

When you are in reaction you are caught in a mechanical habitual way of interacting with what is present. Every habitual mechanical interaction is a choice that identifies with the reactively perceived and processed memories. In order to withdraw from such memories, you have to remain in choiceless witnessing Presence. This dismantles the habitual choices that are built into your mechanical behavior and reactive interactions and turns it into non-reactive co-creative interactions.

Just as reactive interaction with who or what is present hijacks the energy to move into the counterclockwise downward and outward spiral can be reversed into clockwise inward and upward spiral through non-reactive witnessing choiceless awareness.

The co-creative homeostatic functions are restored each time you withdraw from identification with the reactive thoughts and emotions about yourself, others and the world. This is when the memories that did not complete the gestalt by going into a counterclockwise downward flow moves toward the completion of the gestalt by moving into the clockwise upward spiral of self-balancing, self-healing, restorative, regenerative functions of the Prana Being.

When you drop from your reactive perceiver from your head – the thinking center – into the feeling center of your heart and your body – your body becomes the crucible where the alchemical distilling process of turning base metal into gold (gold mixed with dirt into pure gold) happens.

At the level of the mind you are consciously withdrawing from reactive perceptions. Your choiceless awareness is helping you to come out of the mind and enter the body. But when you enter the body you are no longer a part of doing the alchemical process – the prana that was polluted with toxic thoughts and emotions is now being freed from the energetic blocks (memory traumas and ecstasies).

Usually people who are the victim of addiction trauma seek relief through drugs, alcohol, food, work, sex, etc. This means in addiction you are suffering from the stress and conflicts that happens between you (the ego-mind) and your Self (Higher Self). People who suffer from stress caused by your self-destructive habits and compulsive behavior patterns seek relief through addiction.

Addiction to pleasure and the fear of pain move together as two sides of the same coin. Therefore, the addiction to the pleasure seeks the relief from the fear of pain functions as two sides of the same coin. If you are trying to relieve pain, you become addicted. If you indulge in the addiction, you create fear of pain.

Witnessing Presence allows you to be free from attraction to pleasurable memories and fear of painful memories. When you withdraw from attraction or addictions the fear begins to disperse gradually. When you withdraw the doer and achiever ego-mind you withdraw from reactive perceptions and the reactive perceiver reacting to who or what is present. The moment you withdraw externally, internally you drop from reactive thoughts and emotions to reactive feeling and sensations in your body.

When you drop into your body you land on the reactive edge of the edgy ego-mind. Now you are facing the edgy ego-mind not on a thinking level but on a feeling level. On a feeling level it is tactile. You feel the real pain or the real ecstasy as remembered through the memories of the past that you are interacting with. It will be as tactile and as distorted as it was when memory of trauma or ecstasy was installed in the past.

When you are in the process of withdrawal (pratyahara) from the mind by witnessing your reactive thoughts and emotions you drop into the painful traumatic experiences that are stuck in your body in the form of toxic energy blocks and in your mind as toxic memory blocks.

Now that you have dropped from memory in your mind to the toxic energy blocks in your body, your body can restore the balance without ‘you’ having to do anything on your part to restore it. The only thing that is required of you is to feel the feelings, experience the experience, be in the Here and Now of what is happening from moment to moment.

The temptation would be to go into the reactively processed memory and go back to the mind again and again. The secret is you have to be patient and tolerate all the painful and pleasurable memories that you have been avoiding, denying and running from – of which you have become the victim. But you made yourself the victim by avoiding it, now face it in your feeling center and this will clear your toxic energy body and toxic memories to clear the conflict-creating energy blocks and memories that will relax your body and calm your mind.

The ego-self that is living in conflict-creating stress-producing relationship with the Self within is trying to find relief from the past by seeking love through intimate loving relationships with parents, children, husband/wife, work, world of objects, etc. If we identify with the reactive perceptions that separates us from the Presence within and who or what is present outside we are the victim of the reactive perceiver and reactive perceptions of everyone and everything we encounter in life from moment to moment.


We will explore the secrets of quantum breath prana. Learn the secret of how to unleash the transformative power trapped in the energy of old emotional painful traumatic wounds and memories.

How to use pranayama to disengage from the phantom ego self, the doer and replace it with the presence that I AM to ignite the fire that burns old self-destructive habits and karmic patterns.

You will learn how to use quantum breath with attention awareness intention for prana to create the healing miracles on physical, mental and emotional levels.

Quantum breath empowers you to create a switch from inhibitions of the ego mind that functions in the dimension of time into non doing power of presence that I AM.

Learn how to use the mindful practice of Quantum Breath to withdraw the mind (Pratyahara) as a doorway to naturally unfold the deeper levels of concentration (Dharna) and meditation (Dhyana).

How to create a paradigm shift from fear driven phantom ego self to the compassionate, loving I AM Presence, the Infinite Source of energy and information.

The reactive ego self creates perpetual stress in the body and Being. When triggered by someone or something, learn how to turn your conflict creating reaction into a co-creative responsive interaction.

Most often, when we seek happiness in the future, we are in perpetual conflict every step of the way. When we get what we want at the end of the journey, it cannot remove the conflicts and stress we created along the way. I AM Yoga is the art of living in the present.

Breath: The Bridge Between Internal and the Universal Energy

By Yogi Amrit Desai

Automatic breathing in and out is a biological process. When this same action is done with total awareness, that same breath is one that brings life-initiating, sustaining and healing prana to the body.

Breath is the bridge that connects our energy body to the infinite universal body of energy. Breath is also the bridge between the body and the mind and the body and the soul.

Through breath we are not only connected to the life giving functions within our bodies, but also to the external ecological world through which we receive the life-sustaining energy of prana through air, food, and sunshine, mineral, plant, and animal life.

Breath connects us with the unlimited pool of prana that sustains planetary existence, the ecological balance of the Earth, and the evolution of life on Earth. This is why we call Earth, "Mother Earth."

We have recognized an intimate physical relationship that exists between the body and mind, but have not recognized the vital role and impact the breath has on our physical and mental makeup. Our body's balance is perpetually maintained by the process called homeostasis through the interplay of balancing power of autonomous sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. This autonomic, involuntary, balancing restorative functions are carried out by the intelligence of the prana / energy body.

This energy body carries out its life functions involuntarily and our preprogrammed unconscious habits use the same energy. Tensions introduced by unresolved emotional patterns such as anger, jealousy, hatred and fear are held as stress. The stress in turn affects our breath.

The moment you disengage prana from being confined as the carrier of unconscious fears., resistances, emotions, reactions, blame, shame and guilt it automatically becomes linked to integrative consciousness. This is when breath becomes the carrier of light that effortlessly turns the darkness of unconscious patterns held securely in our physical, mental and emotional bodies. Breath impregnated with prana can be a powerful vehicle to shift from personal to the transpersonal dimension of the soul.

Breath in combination with attention, focus can be powerful tool for concentration. Breath combined with mindful meditative awareness can be a powerful vehicle to connect with the awesome powers of the spirit.

Breath can be used to reestablish deeper levels of restorative, regenerative interaction on both voluntary and involuntary functions of your body. It can be practiced as Posture of Consciousness. The first part is deliberate practice of the technique of breath- the moment you completely let go in the deeper relaxed levels of surrender, prana is released from deliberate volitional willful action and functions optionally on the natural level of polarity. Breath is the lifeline. Life begins with the first breath in and ends with the last breath out. In between, what we call life is a sustained series of uninterrupted breaths.