6M - Men’s Groups

Six Men, Six Months, Six times-a-Month


6M Men’s Groups are designed to create real and lasting shifts, release from the past, and greater ability to be present and intimate with one’s self and others.   Participants learn the skill of PranaKosha Facilitation™ which results in radical honesty, clarity and authenticity – plus an increase in JOY and love of life.

PranaKosha Facilitation™ is a yoga-philosophy-based methodology that takes your whole being through the cycle of personal transformation and returns you to full-awareness, full-expression and freedom-of-choice.  This program has nothing to do with yoga “postures” or asana.  You need know NOTHING about “yoga” to be a group member. PranaKosha facilitation contains universal tools and ancient techniques for personal transformation at every level of your being.

This intimate group of men, together for a consistent and intensive period of six months (although most groups continue for years), supports deep personal work, true intimacy, honesty, and rich connection to self and others.  Each man learns new skills in communication, self-expression, the ability to feel fully and trust oneself in ALL situations that life presents.  In the goal of learning full-expression of all aspects of your being, PK Facilitation presents opportunities to integrate and heal any unfinished past that may be keeping you from your optimal life NOW.

PranaKosha Facilitation™ supports your natural intuition, innate intelligence and profound internal wisdom. PK Facilitation is a truly empowering realignment and focusing on what is really important to you.

Groups of Six form by what I call “Divine Intervention”.  If you are interested, fill out an application below.  When the next right group of six men assemble through the application process below, we gather and set our meeting times. Please call me with any questions regarding this Men’s Group.  No question is too big or too small.



Six Men

Six Months

Six Meetings a Month

Two-hour minimum/meeting

$225/month/six meeting.

Six-month mandatory commitment.  


Application below. Applications are confidential. 

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